A customer holds 2 years of complaint security as of the reception of the order, this means that the customer can get products repaired, replaced, money back or a discount, all dependent on the situation. This is of course determined by the entitlement of the complaint.

If the order is delayed or defect, the customer can use the address or telephone number below, for complaints. Complaints must be made in a fair amount of time after the defect has been noticed or should have been noticed by a normal evaluation of the product. The customer can complain in writing or verbally. Two years after the reception of the order the right of complaints expires according to the Danish Sale of Goods act § 83 subsection 1, unless otherwise agreed.

When Skiwear4u.com receives a complaint about an order, the complaint will be treated as fast as possible. If the order has to be returned to Skiwear4u.com, this will executed without expenses for the customer concerning entitled complaints.

If You wish to make a claim/complaint for a damaged product, please email os photos of the issues along with your ordernumber to our email address info@skiwear4u.com.